Grid data and sub bottom profile_Echigo Bank

Published: 19 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/rcsz2vp4m6.1
Akihiro Hiruta


An unnamed bank structure (hereafter referred to as Echigo Bank) in the Sea of Japan is unique anticlinal structure where gas hydrate, methane-derived authigenic carbonate, and ikaite were recovered. Geophysical data for topographic map, backscatter, and sub-bottom profile were obtained during the 2K19 cruise (July 2019) by R/V Kaiyo Maru No.2 of the Kaiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. ( The equipment attached to the ship bottom (EM304 and TOPAS PS18 of Kongsberg) was used. Data of EM304 was processed using a software, MarineDiscovery, of Ocean High Technology Institute, Inc. ( and converted into ~25 m mesh (0.8 second) grid data for both topographic map and backscatter. A sub bottom profile (SBP-I) crosses northern part of the crest and another one (SBP-II), southern part, respectively.



Meiji Daigaku